“Finding Paths Through the Worlds Photos”, Blade Runner & Pseudo-Ghosts?

Finding Paths Through the Worlds Photos (via webware.com) is a stunning example of stitching together collections of 2d photos and navigating them in 3d.I can’t help but be reminded of the scene from Blade Runner where the main character takes what appears to be a 2d photo, enhances and looks around a corner (or similar). I always thought that special effect failed – how would we ever pull that off… But, this demo is creeping up on that idea.Separately, because the demo stitches together lots of different photos from different sources, there are several examples of people quickly appearing & disappearing as the narrator navigates the 3d space. This is another example of an effect I’ve seen where you can visit a place and find traces of who was there before – there are some iPhone applications that let you do this with notes and photos. Are we assembling technology stacks to make our own pseudo-ghosts?


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