How would you benchmark the productivity of a lean-startup product development team?

How would you benchmark the productivity of a product-development team in lean-startup?


In my experience at Food on the Table, we’ve been much more productive than any of the other early-stage startups I’ve been involved with. I believe that one of the causes is our pervasive use of lean-startup & feel as if we’re on to something important here. So, how can I (dis)prove this?

Uh, really?

I recognize the some of the inherent issues in my question:

  • no accepted standard to compare productivity
  • small sample size
  • what’s the impact of environment & how can it be separated
  • what does lean-startup have to do with this at all
  • etc.

… despite these issues, I’m still asking the question.

Ok, you might…

So if you’ve got some ideas how you’d benchmark product development productivity, and maybe how’d you’d take that to the next step, how to compare, then leave a comment below.



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