Installing nokogiri Slicehost’s Ubuntu Hardy

Here’s the steps to get nokogiri installed;

  1. sudo apt-get update
  2. sudo apt-get install libxml2-dev libxslt1-dev
  3. sudo gem install nokogiri
  4. sudo gem install racc
  5. sudo gem install rexical
  6. (at this point, when I tried “gem install how”, it complained I didn’t have RubyGems >= 1.3.1. which is required for “hoe”)
  7. sudo gem install rubygems-update -v=1.3.4
  8. sudo update_rubygems
  9. sudo gem install hoe

via Mark Howe » Rails requires RubyGems >= 1.3.1 you have 1.2.0. Please `gem update –system` and try again..


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    Thanks 🙂

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