I haven’t even noted anything different here – but on Oct 1st ‘07, I joined FiveRuns as their VP of Development and Technology. A lot is brewing there, and the fruits of of our work will be visible soon.

Recently, I’ve begun to blog there as well. On occasion, I’ll link through from here to the recent blog posts. This time there’s two posts. My first post was simple look at our product development process in terms of feedback loops: FiveRuns Development – Feedback Loops. As a side note, ever since Tim Tischler and I had a great discussion about scrum and how he saw it as feedback loops, I now see the issue in terms of open and closed feedback loops; one side effect is that I end up abstracted from any particular brand of approach (e.g. scrum), and more able to pick and choose how best to find and close the open feedback loops. The second post was a comment on using CMS’s as part of development: What If: Content Management & Software Development.

Regarding FiveRuns, I’m thrilled to be @ FiveRuns (going on five months now); the team is incredible and I’m glad to be part of it. Stay tuned as we produce some great stuff.


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