An interesting pattern to make a brief pitch

I had an interesting discussion with Kelly Looney today regarding positioning. Based on his experience, (as I interpret it )positioning starts with identifying and sharing a world-view and then describing what you do (of benefit), in the context of that world-view.

For me, it seems an interesting pattern to use to compose a simple pitch of an idea (e.g. for a startup). So, here’s some attempts to try that pattern out:

(worldview) Desktop apps and Web-based apps will co-exist for the foreseeable future. The web-based application market is strong + beyond conventional desktop browser access, access continues to improve (e.g. iPhone and other mobile web devices). At the same time, there is a resurgence in elegant desktop applications for the Mac – and their ease of use and aesthetics are unbeatable. Right now, it’s a frequent forced commitment to choose (for a particular function) between working on the desktop or in the clouds. The longer this goes on, the more important it will be to banish that artificial choice – and allow both transparently.

(benefit) We build productivity applications that transparently offer the best for your use regardless of whether your are on a Mac or via the web – we take care of making everything work together.

(worldview) There are often repeated patterns (e.g of activity, thought, etc.) that occur across many disciplines. Recognition and sharing of those patterns will have some unknown and unexpected benefits.

(benefit) We have developed an open community system where patterns are documented, explained, discussed, organized and connected to actual uses in the real world.



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