Down To The Desktop Or Up Into The Clouds

I think that my recent purchase of the iPhone has tipped the balance in quandry I’ve had.

It goes something like this: I’ve wanted a better tool to manage my professional relationships (something I’ve been thinking of as a personal CRM). As a result, I’ve been looking for what Mac apps fill that niche – and there are some nice candidates (e.g. Contactizer, Daylite, even Crm4Mac). At the same time, I see web-based solutions as well (and here’s the ‘in the clouds’ part), such as Highrise, Etelos, even a customized SugarCRM.

Unfortunately, none of these has the right set of features – which would have closed the deal and locked me in (either as a source of recurring revenue for the SaaS solutions or as a grateful customer for a Mac app)

At the same time, it’s itched my concern about whether to committee further ‘down’ into my local box with a Mac app or ‘up’ into the clouds with a web app.

All that leads to this – now that I’ve used my iPhone for a few days, and I’m successful at doing some of my basic tasks on it (e.g. reading blogs, web pages, email) it’s tipped the balance ‘up ot the clouds’. In other words, with no clear feature leader, I will make a solution work that’s an SaaS so that I can use it on my iPhone whereever and when ever I want.

Seperately, I’ll blog about what I really want in a Personal CRM.


One response to “Down To The Desktop Or Up Into The Clouds”

  1. Hi!

    I’m one of the author of Contactizer Pro. What would really help us would be to explain why Contactizer did not make it.
    What exactly is the “right set of features”?

    Thanks for your comment

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