Next Steps Towards a “Common Language”

With experience, I have come to realize that is not sufficient to gather a diverse group of people to solve problems, no more so than a pile of sticks is sufficient for a fire.

In part, I think there is a “common language” missing that represents the shared patterns, processes, structures, templates, metaphorical structures, relationships, etc. across a variety of disciplines and domains.

As with any language, agents are required to bring the language alive. In the case of a “common language,” I think the effort to practically capture and utilize is too high without the support of tools to assist. Just as spreadsheets such as Excel and tools such as Mathematica augment reasoning with various forms of math, a “common language” will need supporting tools as well.

To create an organization that intends to reason across disciplines, the language and tools must exist. Without them, it’s unlikely that such an organization could emerge.


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